Hi, I’m Cassie and my biggest problem is that I can’t sit still for long. I just need to explore constantly. There is a big, wide, world out there and I just want to see as much of it as possible. Thankfully, I married a man who feels the same. It’s unlikely that two people who meet in Rwanda and then move to Ethiopia together to begin their relationship are going to find it easy to settle down, right?

After a great introduction to travel by my adventurous parents, I set off on my own travel adventures,beginning with an incredible gap year before moving in to  a career that involved loads of travel, found a husband who also loves to explore, took an adult gap year with him and then we made a random move to Mexico, just because.

Currently we are back in the UK but not for long as we’re trying to move our family back to Mexico in order to have a base from which to really explore Central and South America.

We’re busy indoctrinating our kids too! They’re little but already love exploring the world, particularly if there are ruins they can climb!

So, this blog is primarily about our travels and things I learn along the way. I hope it can be of use to others making similar trips to us. I will also keep one little corner of it available for other bits and pieces I may write about life.

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