Gulp. It appears to be happening.

Let me backtrack a little. In April 2016 we returned to the UK after an incredible six months in Mexico. We hadn’t been convinced we would come home at all, we didn’t know what we would find in Mexico or how we would feel there but I’ve written plenty about that so won’t repeat myself too much here. Suffice to say we fell in love with an incredible country but we realised we needed to come home for a few months to properly end the London chapter of our lives.

Fast forward six months to today and things are beginning to happen. The bits and pieces that needed to fall in to place are starting to fall and I’m bugging our friends in Mexico for more and more specific advice to smooth our return.

Our house is on the rental market, I have told one school, informally, and we are starting to tell friends that things are on the move. We are officially aiming for mid January but could be persuaded to go earlier if…I don’t know what. January seems like the most sensible time to go to me. Hopefully it’ll mean we miss the Xmas hike in rental prices even if we’re still arriving in the middle of snowbird season*. It also gives us time to sort out the house, lets the kids finish the school term here and we can say good-bye properly over the holiday season.

I am currently running on myriad mixed emotions. This is unequivocally what we want. It really is but there is a big part of me that is scared. Obviously. We are taking the kids out of great schools, we’re taking them away from their friends and extended family and all the amazing opportunities growing up in London offers. I knew this would happen. I knew I would fall in love with London again if I spent the summer here. Who wouldn’t? It’s an incredible place and it’s at its most fun in the summer. Because we knew we wanted to get back to Mexico and because we have kids on a school schedule we decided that only one of us should be in paid employment whilst back home. This has meant that the kids and I really got to enjoy ourselves over the summer holiday and that we continue to enjoy ourselves most days after school. This will make leaving even harder. But leave we will. We know Merida is different, it offers different opportunities and different types of fun. Sure, we won’t be mucking about in the woods or in a brilliant playground every day after school, but we can spend the weekends mucking about on the beach, or exploring Mayan ruins, that’s pretty cool too.

So, now Col needs to apply for a residency visa because the embassy tells me the best way to do it is for him to apply and the rest of us to enter as his dependants. I don’t love the idea of being officially reliant on him but if that’s the recommendation and it gets us to Mexico, I guess I just suck it up.

Today’s biggest dilemma is: does Mexico have soda stream? Can I get tank refills in Merida? Somehow this feels bigger than trying to figure out what to do with our books. Maybe because the soda stream issue is easier to solve than how to rehouse so many beloved tomes.

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Mexico Cassie is technically British Cassie but who cares? Currently in the process of moving one family across the ocean and back to Mexico. Hurrah!


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