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I wasn’t planning on writing anything about the upcoming Mexico move today but chats with my kids made me rethink that.

So, the kids both seem to be coming to terms with the move. They are happily letting me sell off toys we can’t take with us. I’ve promised them that all proceeds will go towards new toys in Mexico. So far we have around £100 and no complaints.

Yesterday, at pre-school, SG made herself a goodbye card, informed all her friends she is moving to Mexico and got them to sign it! Thankfully we’d already mentioned the move to the teachers or I don’t know what they would have made of it. I guess they would just have thought she had a big imagination.

SB blows hot and cold on Mexico. Today seems to be a good day. He is really excited about moving back to the beach. Merida isn’t on the beach but it’s close enough (and the beach is enticing enough) that we know we’ll go regularly. We also chatted about all the clubs he can join in Merida. He is super keen on finding a computer club and a lego club. I’ve also told him he has to continue with swimming lessons there and that he can do jujitsu if he wants to.

Fingers crossed we remain on a positive trajectory with them both.

After dropping the kids at school this morning I thought I’d go through my wardrobe and see what I could get rid of. I knew I had four or five dresses and some other bits and pieces that I never wear. I’m not really a dress person, I pretty much live in scrappy jeans or grubby shorts but I do own dresses because pre kids we used to go out to smarter places and have a lot of non kid-friendly fun. My thinking was that there would be no way these dresses would fit any more, not after two kids, six months in Mexico (Mexican food has a lot to answer for) and six months making no effort to lose any weight and therefore that was an easy win for the ‘discard’ pile. Except, weirdly I could fit in to all of them. I mean, I’m pleased and all but, damn it, how can I get rid now that I know I can actually wear them? I’m fondly imagining me reinventing myself as a classy dress wearer in Merida right now. Delusional. That’s what I am.



Mexico Cassie is technically British Cassie but who cares? Currently in the process of moving one family across the ocean and back to Mexico. Hurrah!

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