See, we’re getting under the surface, or round the back of Merida!

We’ve been here just over three weeks and life is settling down. I suspect I won’t write too many more blogs posts in this particular series as we just get on with living. I’ll keep on blogging but the personal stuff may not continue.

So Much Has Happened

School In Merida

We got the kids in to the school we wanted, thank goodness. We chose the school with our little one in mind as she has to spend a couple of years there. We weren’t convinced it would be the best fit for our big one but actually, they’re both having a blast. After two weeks there, both are bouncing in to school in the morning, eager to see what the day holds. The smaller one found it easier in the beginning, partly due to her easier personality and partly due to the incredible teacher who welcomes her in every morning. The big one had a slightly rockier start but has actually done really well.

Neither kid speaks much at school yet but that’s fine, it’s all part of the process (that I learned from reading When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit when I was little, obviously), first they listen, then understand and then speak. So they’re listening and just about managing with the understanding. They play with each other at break time but I’m sure in time they will make friends. Our big one was already invited to a birthday party, actually, so he can’t be doing too badly.

The Party

We’re not going. He doesn’t feel ready. To be fair to him, he doesn’t know the girl particularly as she’s in the other class, it’ll be a crazy party at the ice skating rink and entirely in Spanish. I can see he might not feel quite ready for that. If you want to read more about how we completely and utterly failed to throw a decent party last year, do check out my blog post: How To Fail At Throwing A Mexican Birthday Party!

 Looking Forward

 We have already found the primary school we want the big one to attend come the new school year in August. He has to have an interview or two but we hope he’ll be fine. He’s a smart boy and when he’s on form, a true pleasure to be around.


 We looked at a sum total of three houses. The first was in the wrong location and was dark inside. The second location wasn’t great but the house was stunning. The third has the perfect location for us but isn’t in great repair. We’re taking a chance on it. There is a lot of work to be done so we’ve given a holding deposit and have agreed to sign a contract once the work is complete. It’s pretty exciting and obviously we really, really hope they manage to get the work done so we can move in to this crazy house that is neither a modern Mexican town house of North Merida nor a beautifully restored colonial house of the centre, but a solid and interesting house of the middle suburbs right by school. Once it’s actually ours I’ll share photos but I’m not going to tempt fate too much. 

Ok, I’ll share one… but just one…

Emotions Aren’t Actually Running High!

We all feel like we’ve moved back home, the kids love being here even if they already think it’s too hot, the small one is incapable of sleeping through the night and we all hate mosquitoes. I asked our big one, the other day, how he feels about the move. He stuck up his thumb and said, ‘it’s great’. I have to admit that wasn’t what I expected. Both kids still talk about the UK and their old schools but it’s pretty matter of fact chat rather than sadness. The little one might tell us she can speak French because her English school has a French teacher but when she talks about school now she means her school here. The big one loves his school and having a pool in the garden so he’s pretty happy. I think both of them would like some local friends though. We have some brilliant English speaking friends but we have yet to make any friends through school. Hey ho, it’s only been three weeks.

What’s To Come?

 Well, we’re going away next weekend because it’s carnaval and the kids get two days off school. We’re just hiring a car and a place on Airbnb down the road so we can see a smaller town carnaval and maybe head to the beach too but mainly it’ll be nice to not be relying on uber all the time.

Then shortly after that we’ll know if this house is going to work out or if we need to search some more. Col should soon get his residency visa, which means we can then sort out the kids and me. Once that’s done we can start planning our summer escape from the crazy heat of Merida! And then in early March my parents arrive.

Conclusion – Welcome Home!

 Someone asked, on instagram, where you’d wake up every morning if you could. Well, for us, the answer is here, Merida. We decided we wanted to change our circumstances and we made it happen. How lucky are we?


Mexico Cassie is technically British Cassie but who cares? Currently in the process of moving one family across the ocean and back to Mexico. Hurrah!


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