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I imagine we aren’t alone in not quite having made up our minds about whether watching television is good for kids.  Clearly tv for adults once the kids are in bed is fair game. What’s the point in being an adult if you can’t binge on tv every night, right? They wouldn’t have invented Netflix if it wasn’t the right thing to do (adapting my granny’s saying ‘if God had wanted me to walk he’d have given me wheels’ to my modern, atheist world.

Anyway, the kids. So we aren’t massively consistent. They aren’t allowed telly every day, but they are allowed to watch on my whim. This means that they spend most of their free time begging to watch, and I get it, I really do, I love to watch tv but the world makes me feel bad if I let them watch too much. From fellow parents proudly proclaiming they don’t even own a tv, to DailyFail style articles telling me the kids are going to be serial killers if they watch more than four seconds of a flickering screen, we’re made to feel bad all the time.

So, as a nice compromise, we watch the brilliant Go Jetters where the kids actually learn shit whilst chilling out. It’s not like Blaze where the show pretends to teach the kids by just getting them to shout out words every now and again, Go Jetters actually teaches the kids about the world.

Before we went to Mexico our kids weren’t entirely on board with the idea of leaving their family, friends and toys behind for what they thought of as ‘forever’. Enter mummy genius with her trusty sidekicks the Go Jetters and everything changed. The kids love the show, and it’s even something parents can stomach too (Pups wot rescue, I’m thinking bitterly of you here) and watching the Go Jetters rescue Chichen Itza from the pesky Grand Master Glitch filled the kids with enthusiasm for visiting ancient Mexican ruins, which was lucky, as we visited a good many of them!


Chichen Itza, Mexico

To top it off, once home, my SB requested his birthday treat be a trip to Stonehenge! Amazing. He didn’t ask us to get hideously expensive tickets to see some shit theatre version of a shit tv show (we have seen the Pig on stage, and Masha and the Bear too so I know what I’m talking about), he didn’t ask to break the bank and visit a hideous theme park, he wanted something all cultural and wotnot. Huzzah for telly! (although now he wants to visit St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia).


Stonehenge, England

But don’t tell my kids I said telly is good for you.

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